Mini Popper from XXXGlass

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 22 Feb 2008

If I didn’t know better, I’d be tempted to slip a cord through the handle of the XXXGlass Mini Popper and wear it around my neck as an interesting sort of necklace.

It’s really a very pretty little toy, and I do mean little. Sometimes I probably seem biased toward larger toys, but I’ve now made the resolution not to ignore more petite playthings like the Mini Popper.

It’s only fair. We can’t have the tiny toys feeling left out, now can we?

At only 4″ long and less than an inch across the insertable portion, the Mini Popper shouldn’t frighten anyone. The large circular handle provides a secure grip for a finger; it also keeps the toy from going missing in the bottom.

The business end of the toy is very small for easy insertion. The shaft consists of four bloops which are very slightly larger than the toy’s head. Anal muscles could squeeze down on any of those bloops to hold the toy in place. The bloops are gradual enough that you could probably thrust very gently into your partner’s bottom with this toy.

If you were not interested in using the Mini Popper for anal play, it could certainly be used for vaginal stimulation. A willing partner could grab hold of the handle and angle the toy up toward the g-spot.

All XXXGlass toys come in their own perfectly sized corduroy pouches. I really like these pouches because they close by means of elastic instead of a slippery string tie. I’ve had other toys slip free from their protective bags when the their strings came untied. This just can’t happen with XXXGlass toys.

I put this to the test when I accidentally dropped my Mini Popper as I was rooting through my toy storage basket. The corduroy pouch kept the toy safe and cushioned, I am happy to report. Of course I inspected the toy carefully after this, as one cannot use a damaged glass toy.

Any type of lube is fine with XXXGlass toys, and clean up is super-easy in soap and water. Glass gives bacteria no place to hide, which is one of the main reasons I adore glass toys. Not to mention that glass toys tend to be absolutely beautiful.

Come to think of it, perhaps I will turn the Mini Popper into a necklace. Then if I get a little wound up while out with friends, I can slip it off and … well, use your imagination.

Mini Popper from XXXGlass
Available at XXX Glass
4" x 0.85"