Newf Brand Shaving Products

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 20 Mar 2008

I took a little break from partnered sex; by the time I decided that it was high time for the break to end, my legs and girl-parts looked like they belonged to a hibernating grizzly bear. The Newf Brand shaving products I’d been sent for review were about to get a hard-core test.

Newf Brand founders Tiffany and Stefan believe in an organic approach to creating skin-care products. They use as many natural ingredients as possible and promise not to test their creations on animals.

They ship in discreet brown boxes that give no indication of what you’ve purchased. Relax, your postal carrier will not leave a box on your doorstep that screams, “Coochie shaving supplies inside!” Each product is packaged in a deep blue plastic bottle with a pump top and is labeled in a low-key manner with the product’s ingredients and directions.

As per the instructions, I started by smoothing a thin layer of Venerous Shaving Oil over the body parts in question. The oil worked best when I squirted it into my hand; it’s thin enough that it was hard to get the oil into all my nooks and crannies with the squirt bottle itself. I noticed no real smell to the oil, and it felt great on my skin.

Next I tried to pump out some of Venerous Shaving Jelly onto my leg. Unfortunately, it was just too thick to dispense through the provided pump. No worries…I screwed off the pump top, glooped out a blob onto my leg and rubbed it in.

Shaving progressed quite nicely with both products on my body. The results were very smooth, and the Venerous Shaving Oil left my skin feeling nicely moisturized. Just for kicks, I tried shaving the other leg with only the Oil, forgoing the non-pumpable Jelly. The Oil by itself gave me comparable results and left me feeling just as moisturized.

After denuding everything possible in the shower, I stepped into the cool bathroom air to finish the job. More Oil and a fresh razor took care of my most private bits in fine style. I was really pleased with the results.

After toweling off, I tried out the Venerous Mountain Mist all over. This product is meant to soothe freshly-shaved skin, and I found that it did an admirable job. The scent of the Mist was really nice too; I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what I was smelling, but I liked it enough that I used it liberally all over my body.

In subsequent showers, I’ve also used Venerous Shaving Oil for all-over moisturizing. Since its oil based, it’s really nice to put on in the warm spray of the shower and it stays put even after toweling off.

I loved the results I got from the Venerous Shaving Oil and Mountain Mist. The Jelly was a disappointment, not only because it was too thick for the pump but also because it seemed it seems completely unnecessary if you’re using the other two products.

Newf Brand Shaving Products
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Venereous Shaving Oil 4 oz, $19.95
Venereous Shaving Jelly 8 oz, $18.95
Venereous Mountain Mist 8 oz, $15.95