Gold Lady G Wand from XXXGlass

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 3 Apr 2008

I hold the theory that one can never have too many glass sex toys. Glass comes in so many shapes, sizes and textures that you could easily have a hundred glass toys in your collection without any noticeable duplication.

I’m working diligently on broadening my glass collection even as we speak. My latest acquisition was the Gold Lady G Wand from XXXGlass, and this awesome little toy is getting a place of honor amongst the glass…at least until the next pretty bauble crosses my desk.

The Gold Lady G features 9″ of total length, most of which is taken up by a smooth, slender shaft. One end of shaft holds a rounded clear ball, while the toy’s business end consists of a clear knob measuring 1.5″ across. Right below this knob are three rows of pinkish-gold raised nubs.

One really nice thing about XXXGlass toys is that they are all hand-made, and therefore each is a little different from the next. The Gold Lady G sitting next to me right now is ever so slightly more squared off in the head, and its base is just a hair thicker. If you desire to possess your very own Gold Lady G, rest assured that it will be like enough to the representation above, but it may not be identical.

A friend drizzled lube all over my pussy and the toy; while sitting between my wide-spread knees, he slid the toy inside me. The toy had been resting on the window ledge for a while beforehand (Why? I dunno why!) so it was shockingly cold at first. You might think that would have been a deterrent, but it was actually quite lovely. There’s nothing like a new sensation to heighten focus on your girlie-bits.

He fucked me, he rubbed my clit, he whispered encouragement while I screamed and thrashed. I was not disappointed in the increasingly hot feeling of the toy in me. Nor was I disappointed in the orgasms it delivered.

Really the only disappointment I had with the Gold Lady was something that’s almost unavoidable with glass toys. The handle tends to get slippery with lube and girl-juices the longer you use it. My friend said that the toy almost leapt from his hand as he was fucking me with it.

Oh well. Not every toy can be like this one, more’s the pity!

Each toy from XXXGlass comes with a protective storage pouch. Use it without fail to keep your toy pristine. Clean the toy with soap and water or in the top rack of the dishwasher without detergent on a day when your in-laws are not coming over for dinner. I love silicone lube with my glass toys, but a good water based lube will do just fine as well.

I’m gonna wrap up this review now, if you don’t mind. I need to rearrange my glass dilido collection. Gotta make some room front and center for the Gold Lady G.

Gold Lady G Wand from XXXGlass
Available from XXXGlass
9" x 1.5"