Slap and Tickle Kit

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 7 Apr 2008

This is just about the cutest darn kit I’ve ever seen.

Slap & Tickle from UK-based Nookii is a beginner’s bondage and sensation kit, all neatly packaged in a sweet cardboard cylinder with a loop of ribbon on top. You could hang this from the holiday tree. Or let it dangle from a hook in the closet. Or ask your lover to hold out a finger to that it could be slipped over, ring-like.

The possibilities are endless.

Stowed neatly inside you’ll find the elements necessary to set a novice bondage-curious couple on the path to restrained bliss. Included are two wrist restraints, two ankle restraints, a blindfold, feather tickler, instruction/suggestion cards, and a gold satiny storage bag.

Let’s start with the cards, shall we? One card unfolds to become a door hanger, printed with a plea for privacy. This looks rather cheap, I’m sorry to say. You’d probably do better with the hotel sign.

The rest of the instruction/suggestion cards contain information about beginning a very gentle power exchange. These would be perfect to soothe the mind of a partner nervous about getting into deep water with this type of play. Suggestions include the basics of how to bind and some fun things to do to a bound partner. The hints stay entirely in the realm of “mild,” which fits perfectly into the low-key nature of this kit.

The blindfold, a shiny golden affair with elastic to hold it in place, doesn’t look very effective. Surprisingly, it turned out to be quite functional. It prevented me from seeing anything, even when I was thrashing around. I’ll definitely use the blindfold again.

I wish I could give as good of a report on the restraints. They close with a hook-and-loop strip, and while they’d probably be fine for someone who was content not to struggle, that’s not me. I struggled, and I was able to break free without much difficulty.

Now I realize that this kit is intended for very mild play, so if users keep things at that level, they’d probably hold quite well. The restraints have long ribbons meant to attach to a chair or bed frame; perhaps these would work to hold down a struggling bottom.

A feather tickler rounds out the kit. It’s cute, functional, and absolutely mind-blowing to have this run over the skin during sexual play. This is another part of the kit that will definitely see plenty more use.

The best part of the Slap and Tickle Kit is the fact that it allows beginners to experiment with gentle restraint without spending a lot of money on scary looking gear. There’s a time and place for hard-core BDSM supplies, of course, but for someone new to slightly rough play, this kit would work very well.

Slap and Tickle Kit
Available at Nookii
Approximately $49.00 USD