Lattachino Love Baton from XXXGlass

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 11 Apr 2008

When the Lattachino Love Baton from XXXGlass arrived at my house, I was instant messaging a friend of mine. I unwrapped the box and was so taken by the toy’s beauty that I sent along a picture of it to my friend, who lives halfway around the world.

So taken was she by its looks that she begged me to send it to her after I’d written about it, and because I lurves her, of course I agreed. That’s just how pretty the Lattachino Love Baton is.

A silky smooth, clear glass shaft is capped with a bulging knob; this part of the toy is meant to be a handle, but it would also be suitable for use in the vagina or the bottom. The other end of the toy begins with a fat mushroom head which merges into a shaft swirled with a raised stripe of glass.

This stripe is just gorgeous. Because XXXGlass hand-makes these toys, each one will be ever so slightly different from the next. Mine has swirls of green, blue, red, yellow and shimmery-clear glass blended along its length. It’s lovely.

Lovely is great, but does it perform? It most certainly does. Dab a little silicone or water-based lube on the toys head, grab the handle, and go to town. Or turn over the driving to a partner. In either case, the handle gives really nice leverage, whether you’re aiming for pussy or ass.

A slight curve in a toy like this would be nice, but hey, I’m not complaining.

I took it into my head to sterilize all my silicone and glass sex toys when I was done testing the Lattachino Love Baton. Seemed only fitting, since I was sending this toy to my friend. I ran them all through this dishwasher with no detergent; when the cycle was complete, I was left with gleaming-hot toys, clean in every crack and crevice.


I’ve now tried a not inconsiderable number of glass toys from XXXGlass, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of them. The quality, beauty and customer service are outstanding. I hope my pal enjoys the Lattachino Love Baton just as much as I have.

Lattachino Love Baton from XXXGlass
Available at XXXGlass 11" x 1.5"