Flip from NobEssence

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 15 Apr 2008

For a toy so dimunitive, NobEssence’s Flip is a powerful little plaything.

When you take the toy from its intriguing, sculptural box, you might be tempted to think that it’s a unique sort of keychain. Or a pendant. A ring-shaped opening on one end provides a finger grip. The rest of the toy consists of a series of bloops. The smallest is thinner than a finger; the largest is but an inch across. The entire toy curves up slightly, promising extra stimulation for the g-spot or the prostate.

Each NobEssence toy is meticulously carved from organic hardwood, sanded smooth (oh so smooth) and then sealed with a waterproof, bacteria-resistant finish.

Are there splinters? Forget about it. Any roughness? Not in the least. Difficult to clean? As if!

In fact, NobEssence wooden toys are incredibly easy to clean. They can be wiped down with antibacterial toy cleaner, bleach solution, or just plain soap and water. Because they can be sterilized between uses, you can comfortably share these toys with your pals, or use them in both vagina and ass.

And that’s exactly what I did with Flip. Dangling him from a finger, I sauntered into a friend’s house one horny evening. When the moment was right, I thrust the toy into his hand and murmured a suggestion about how it might best be used.

My friend coated Flip with a bit of lube and gently inserted it into my pussy. Any type of lube — including silicone — will work, and because the toy’s surface is non-porous, you won’t need much at all.

I really didn’t expect Flip to do much for me vaginally because it’s so thin, but the toy’s smart curve allowed my friend to angle it up to hit just the right spot. He told me that the finger-hold worked perfectly. I had some complaints about the finger grip on NobEssence’s Fling, but those issues did not come into play with Flip.

Eventually Flip took a short bath in the sink, donned a condom, and made a lubed-up appearance in my friend’s behind. He’s just learning about the joys of prostate stimulation, so the increasing size of Flip’s bloops worked really well for him. I loved the control provided by the toy’s handle, and the curve made it really easy for me to give him just enough pressure on the prostate.

After-anal clean-up was made easier by the fact that we used a condom on the toy. If not for that, I think the bloops would have had a tendency to become pretty messy.

I’d like to be able to say that there was something I didn’t like about Flip, but I loved every bit of it. If I were a braver woman, I’d attach a small ring to the handle and use it to carry around my keys.

A toy this good needs to be with me at all times.

Flip from NobEssence
Available at Babeland
6" x 1" (approximately)