Square Head from XXXGlass

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sat 19 Apr 2008

The lesson to be learned here, I suppose, is that it pays to be exceedingly precise when asking for something in bed.

As my friend was down between my legs performing oral on me like the true champion he is, I groped amongst the bedsheets for the Square Head from XXXGlass. “Use this,” I demanded, poking it in the general direction of his hand.

He slipped the toy into me and began gently to thrust. I was utterly underwhelmed by the sensation. “Harder baby, fuck me harder,” I murmured. And he tried, he really did try. But the Square Head just wasn’t doing much for me.

Don’t misunderstand. It felt nice. It just was not delivering the sensation I thought it should, considering the quite large size and angularity of the head. I expected it to feel far more filling and to deliver greater pressure on my g-spot.

But when we were done, I realized what had gone wrong. My friend had chosen to use the smaller end on me. “I thought it was the handle,” he said, demonstrating his grip on the larger end of the toy.

And I’ll admit, the larger end did sit in the hand quite conveniently. Used in this manner, the Square Head would be wonderful for someone warming up to anal play. The head — er, handle — would prevent the toy from slipping all the way inside, and the toy’s slight curve would allow for really good prostate or g-spot stimulation.

I would NOT, however, recommend using the toy anally in the reverse direction. No matter how good of a hand-hold you might think you have, this slippery little devil could slither right inside once the large head is past the anal sphincter. Don’t do it.

After a short break, I convinced my friend to use the “correct” end of the Square Head on me vaginally, and it was definitely worth the wait. At 1.75″ across and of course with absolutely no give, this toy is for the very relaxed or experienced among us. XXXGlass makes a considerably smaller Mini Square Head model which would work well for someone wanting less of a good thing.

All XXXGlass toys come with a protective storage pouch cinched at the top with built-in elastic. The Square Head, like every other product I’ve tried from XXXGlass, is crafted impeccably from medical-grade pyrex, a type of glass which can stand up to a fair bit of abuse. Dropping an XXXGlass toy on a carpeted floor will likely not cause any damage, although these toys should be treated with care and inspected for dings before each use.

The shape and size of the the Square Head Dildo make it a fine choice for someone who needs a hard, filling vaginal toy that can double (in the opposite direction!) as a grippable anal toy.

Square Head from XXXGlass
Available at XXXGlass
8" x 1.75"