reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 23 Apr 2008

My heart has long yearned for a powerful, rechargeable vibrator, and at last I think I may have found exactly that in Acuvibe.

Available through Babeland, Acuvibe is a two-speed model which looks like the well-bred, classier cousin of the Hitachi Magic Wand. The Acuvibe’s handle is sleeker. A less clunky button lets you switch between power levels. And a charming blue light glows softly on its end.

And…did I mention about it being rechargeable? A tiny port on the back of the toy allows a power cord to be attached when it needs juice. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, especially about the first charging, and you should be good to go for as long as you’d like to get off.

The Acuvibe’s two speeds are both incredibly powerful. They may be too powerful for some women; they can be toned down by using the toy through a towel or panties. But if you like very strong vibrations, this toy has comparable power to the Hitachi.

I enjoyed the Acuvibe’s head far more than the Hitachi’s. While that toy sports a cover that is somewhat squishy and textured, the Acuvibe’s head is smooth, firm plastic. I found that it glided over my the pertinent areas much easier than the Hitachi, and I really liked how it worked after the application of a little lube.

It’s easy to keep this vibe clean, although I recommend that you cover the top of the toy with a condom or glove if you are a gusher. You do not want fluids in the body of a toy this nice. Also, lube can get caught in the decorative ridges around the toy’s head; this gives you another good reason to use a condom.

The Acuvibe is a great alternative for someone who loves high-powered sex toys but who does not want to be tethered to the wall by a power cord.

Available at Babeland
11" long x 2.5" diameter head