In the Mood for Love

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 27 Apr 2008

So you wanna introduce your partner to the joys of toys but you’re afraid of starting with something a little too hardcore?

Check out the In the Mood for Love kit from UK-based retailer Nookii. This kit brings together several toys appropriate for beginners into one cute and accessible kit.

Did I say cute? No, it’s actually adorable. Everything needed for a night of lurve is cleverly packed in a discreet cylindrical box. When you’re done with playtime, clean things up and pack them back in the box for to await your next session.

Included in the kit are a pack of suggestion cards, fluffy pink blindfold, penis sleeve and seven-function vibrator. The toys are created from medical-grade silicone, making them easy to keep clean after use.

One of the cards unfolds into a door hanger, meant (I suppose) to keep hotel staff at bay. As was the case with the similar product included with the Slap and Tickle Kit, this hanger looks cheap and amateurish. I’d skip it.

The cards give some cute suggestions about touching, communicating and pleasuring your partner. None of it is earth-shattering; experienced couples might even find some of the suggestions insulting dull. But for a new or inexperienced couple, the suggestions might be just the thing to get momentum going.

If your partner won’t wiggle around too much, the pink blindfold would be alright, I guess. If that’s not the case…well, the blindfold may not be enough to keep your partner completely in the dark.

The penis sleeve and the vibe were big disappointments. My partner and I could not wrangle the sleeve onto his (very slightly) girthier-than-average cock. It just would not stay put in a way that seemed stable enough to attempt intercourse.

And while the vibe was fairly powerful, an odd-looking knob on its tip rendered it nearly useless for direct stimulation. When I tried to press it to my clit, the knob bent teasingly away, leaving me unable to find any leverage–or any pleasure.

In the Mood for Love would be best purchased by a couple just starting to explore each other and toys. While none of the products included are awful, they are best suited to folks who’d like to walk on the mild side, not the wild side.

In the Mood for Love
Available at Nookii
Approximately $70.00 UDS