Intrigue from NobEssence

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 5 Jun 2008

Holy guacamole, the Intrigue is one mighty attractive toy.

I can’t even call it a toy. NobEssence calls their products wooden sculptures, and I have to agree with that designation. The artistic qualities of these items make them easy on the eyes, easy on the hands, and definitely easy on the pink bits.

Easy on the wallet they are not, but if you consider that NobEssence items will last a lifetime with appropriate care, they are probably more affordable that repeatedly buying cheap rubber or jelly toys.

Not to mention that NobEssence toys are more environmentally friendly than their rubber or jelly counterparts. NobEssence grows their own wood in environmentally responsible ways, or else they purchase wood from suppliers who do the same. The sealants they use render the sculptures waterproof and are naturally non-toxic. You certainly can’t say these things about most other sex toys.

It would be exceptionally difficult to damage a NobEssence toy, but if at some point yours meets its maker (by means of a tragic table saw accident, perhaps?), it would return gently to the earth. Toss it in the compost heap, or give it a proper subterranean burial.

Can you imagine what might spring up in the place where one has buried a wooden dildo? Would it, could it…produce a dildo tree? Can you imagine the wee dildo fruits ripening on its limbs? Would you have the self-control not to pluck them, but instead let them grow into full-fledged dildos? Or would you gather them with greedy hands and bite their tender flesh?

Would a dildo tree produce fruit as plentifully as does the lowly zucchini? Would folks share baskets of dildos with their neighbors? Would they harvest the baby dildos, dip them in egg, then breadcrumbs, then fry them up with butter?

Hey, it’s my fantasy. I’ll play it any way I want.

I wasn’t so sure about the Intrigue’s shape when it arrived at my house in an understated presentation box. The bumps, ridges and curves seemed unnecessarily complicated, but when once I enlisted the help of a friend in testing out the toy, I understood.

The Intrigue’s smaller end curves up pertly; this nestled against my g-spot while the hump filled up my vagina. The narrow neck allowed my body’s entrance to hold the toy in.

This end works equally well for the bottom. I really like that this end starts off so small, allowing it to be very gradually introduced. I’m absolutely certain that the pert tip and the small swelling would feel marvelous against the prostate.

As nice as the smaller end is, I’m partial to the larger end. I love it as a thrusting toy in the pussy, and though I’m told that it’s a mite hard to hang onto once coated with lube, I fully intend to demand its usage in all my sexual escapades from here on out.

Yes, it’s that good.

Waterproof or no, I wouldn’t soak my NobEssence Intrigue. I wash it with soap and water, then dry carefully. I use condoms when sharing or for anal use.

And I anticipate a lifetime of happy orgasming from Intrigue.

Intrigue from NobEssence
Available at NobEssence
9.75" long x 2" wide