reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 20 Jun 2008

The We-Vibe is a little tiny toy meant to be worn either during solo play or intercourse with a partner.  For either of those uses, this odd little devil works screamingly well.

I also tried it on my partner’s balls like a wee pair of earmuffs.  While this clearly is an off-label use for the We-Vibe, he thought it was brilliant.  So there.

The We-Vibe consists of two tiny motors encased in a thick silicone skin.  The thin stem between the two ends is highly flexible; it’s designed to open up and then grip firmly against a woman’s body.

It’s hard to tell from the above picture, but one end of the vibe is just a hint larger.   This end nestles against the clit, while the other end hugs the front wall of the vagina.  An ingenious switch on the clit end can be flicked to one of two speeds.

When the vibe needs to be recharged (yes, it’s rechargeable!), a small dimple in the toy accepts the power cord.  When charging is over, the dimple recloses, which should keep the innards of the toy from getting wet.

The sweet little dimple was my only problem with the We-Vibe.  I fat-fingered it the first time I tried to charge the toy, which resulted in the silicone skin stretching more than it should have.  There’s now a tiny rip in the silicone, which is unfortunate but probably not a death sentence for the toy.  If worst comes to worst, I’ll slip a condom on it before I use it.

My friend and I first tried the We-Vibe outside the confines of intercourse.  He was playing around with my hoo-ha (we call it my hoo-ha) when he plucked the We-Vibe from the night table and let me have it.  He pressed the clit stimulator on to me, and wow does that thing bring the power.  I was amazed that such a small toy could be so effective.

Later, and despite my misgivings, I slipped the We-Vibe in before intercourse.  I thought there was no way it could stay in place during the kind of raucous sex we tend to enjoy, but I’m happy to report that I was so wrong.

It gripped quite nicely.  The combination of two buzzy ends and getting boned to perfection felt great.  My pal said it felt great to him too.  We carried on with our bad selves for quite a long time before finally, a switch of position dislodged the We-Vibe.  Even then it didn’t fall out.  It just rotated a little to the side, so my clit was out of the action but my vagina and his cock were still singing happy songs.

When the screaming is over, the vibe and its recharger fit into a carrying case that looks like a hard-sided eyeglasses case.  Simple enough!

I’m truly amazed by the effectiveness of the We-Vibe.  This would be a great choice for women who want a little extra clitoral zing during intercourse.

Available at Babeland
3.5" x 1"