Rendezvous Ring from NobEssence

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 23 Jun 2008

Family-owned NobEssence’s Rendezvous Rings are available in multiple gorgeous woods. They’re finished with numerous sandings and then layers of non-toxic sealant, making the toys incredibly smooth and rich-feeling.

NobEssence packages their rings in small poly bags with cards covering use and care instructions. You’ll probably want to wrap the ring up if you’re giving it as a gift, although there might be a special charm in simply placing the ring in the right spot when the receiver’s eyes are closed.

No matter how beautiful and nicely packaged NobEssence’s rings are, they really aren’t for beginners. Until you know how your (or your partner’s) particular junk will respond to a cock ring, you probably should stick to a more affordable, stretchy option. Different men will like greater different degrees of tightness from a ring, so do some research and experiment with one made of silicone first.

Some men may feel uncomfortable trying to orgasm while wearing a cock ring. This is another good reason for trying out a more flexible ring before moving up to something as rigid as wood. Other men might have to remove the ring before coming. While none of this should in any way discourage someone from trying a cock ring, it might be a good idea to give it a go solo before ringing up with a partner.

On the night destined to be our Rendezvous Ring Trial, I washed the ring (the wood is fully sealed, so soap and water work fine) and laid it out by the bed. My friend and I started messing around; before long I was holding a thick chunk of man-meat that had no chance of being contained by the Rendezvous Ring.

Oops! Carried away too soon. We discussed baseball and the Democratic primaries until things subsided.

When once he was relaxed again, I let him don the ring while I watched in fascination. It takes some doing, apparently, to finesse one’s balls through a rigid cock ring. All I can say is I’m glad I don’t have any.

But wow, once he was situated fully inside the ring, didn’t he ever look marvelous. A good cock ring will pull the testicles forward as well as hold more blood in the penis, and the Rendezvous ring did its job admirably. I had to give him a couple little kisses in frank admiration.

I worried that somehow the ring might interfere with our condom usage and intercourse, but I needn’t have worried. The ring sits high enough up that using a condom with it was not an issue, and neither my friend nor myself felt any pinching from the ring.

It did, however, keep him diamond-hard through a whole lot of sex, which made me a happy happy girl. We washed up the ring after we were done, and then I tossed it into my jewelry box for safe-keeping. It looks like a very small bangle. I *love* discreet sex toys!

Someone who has at least a bit of cock-ring-wearing experience will appreciate the beauty and functionality of the Rendezvous rings from NobEssence.

Rendezvous Ring from NobEssence
Available through NobEssence
Interior diameters range from 1.5" to 2.0"
$30.00 and up, depending on size and number in set