Silk and Suede Blindfold and Restraints from Black Label

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 13 Jul 2008

Clearly I am too silly to be trusted with the receipt of sex toys, because when I opened the sweet little box containing my new Silk and Suede Blindfold and Restraints, I thought Black Label had left out the promised restraints.

No no!  The restraints are attached to the blindfold!  The restraints are actually an integral part of the blindfold, in that they can be used only to hold on the blindfold, or they can be used to secure the blindfold and the wrists, or they can be used all by themselves.

Confusing, but nifty.

Also included in the small presentation box is a fabric storage pouch and a deck of “hint” cards emblazoned with pictures of other products created by the same manufacturer, JimmyJane.  These could be left on a pillow, in a briefcase, or in a pocket to suggest future gifts for a lover.  Clever, and nice advertising there.

Made of silk, the restraints feel suitably luxurious in the hands or around the wrists.  However, we found that they had a tendency to slip off way too easily when tied around the head, especially if said head was thrashing about on a pillow.

The restraints were far more secure for the tying of wrists or ankles together; however, only one appendage at a time could conveniently be tied to the bed.  Or the china hutch.  Or the plumbing under the bathroom sink.

Black Label suggests that the Silk and Suede Blindfolds and Restraints would be a great present for a sexy bride and groom.  I agree.  They are beyond luxurious, as well as packaged discreetly enough to be given in front of grandma.

For everyday use, though, there are more affordable and effective options.

Silk and Suede Blindfold and Restraints from Black Label
Available at Black Label Adult Shop
Approximately $95.00 USD