Twilight Glass Butt Plug

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 28 Jul 2008

Without a doubt, the Twilight Glass Butt Plug is one of the most beautiful toys I own.

The image above, while gorgeous, doesn’t do this sweet little toy justice.  It cannot show how gradually, how delicately, the color fades from deep at the tip to clear at the base of the bulb.

Nor can the picture capture the diminutive nature of this toy.  Suffice it to say that this would be a wonderful gift for someone who craves a toy in the behind but who is nervous about using something too large.

Luscious Playthings makes these glass plugs by hand, so dimensions might vary just a bit.  A  glass toy will be wonderfully responsive to temperature (warm or chill in a bowl of water; test before inserting) and easy to clean, either in hot soapy water or with an antibacterial toy wash.  I love the fact that glass can be sterilized by boiling or with a 10% bleach solution.  This means the toy can be cleaned and then shared amongst friends with no worry about bacteria or odors.  This particular glass piece doesn’t ship with a padded storage bag, so plan on wrapping it in a towel and storing it somewhere safe between uses.

A good friend of mine found herself in the unenviable position of having had a bad experience with anal play ages ago; she wanted a gentle reintroduction to butt-luv from people she trusted.  She requested some time with my partner and myself, and being the sorts who love nothing more than to help out a pal, we readily agreed.

Our nervous (but enthusiastic!) friend warmed the Twilight Plug in her hand as we got her very, very excited.  Traditional methods were employed along with lots of digital and oral attention to her bottom.  When she was squealing (yes, squealing) with pleasure I asked if she’d like to use the plug.

“Yes, please,” was her answer.  After releasing it from her orgasmic clutch and lubing both her and the plug (silicone lube works well for this purpose), I pushed it gently against her ass.  The Twilight Plug’s gradual taper and smooth glassiness made it easy for her to relax as she took the plug in.

A very thin neck allowed her muscles to hold onto the plug as my partner and I got her off some more.  All participants deemed our little project an unmitigated success.

If you’re looking for a plug for longer-term wear, this probably isn’t the one.  The round base is perfectly comfortable during an orgasm or three, but it’s not the best choice if you’re planning on bounding across the backyard while wearing it.

The Twilight Plug is available in but one small size.  While it’s excellent for beginners, those with even a moderate amount of anal experience will yearn for something larger.

But that’s ok too.  After it’s outgrown, the Twilight Plug can be placed in the china hutch or curio cabinet for proud display.  Most people will think it’s just a pretty.

And those who know better?  Don’t be surprised if they ask to borrow it.

Twilight Glass Butt Plug
Available at Blowfish
2.75" x 1.25"