Jimmyjane Contour M+Afterglow Sensory Set

reviewed by on Sat 9 Aug 2008

Wow, I was so not expecting to like this set, as I have had an irrational fear of hot wax.  Silly me!

Made by Jimmyjane, the inimitable manufacturer of high-end toys, the Contour M+Afterglow Sensory Set is meant to simulate a hot stone massage.  The set includes a Pink Lotus scented massage oil candle, ceramic massage stone, matches and instructional booklets.  Everything is packaged in a pretty pink box.

The set’s presentation was so attractive that I ripped into it right away.  I was alone for the evening, and while I’d generally prefer to use something so luscious with a partner, I convinced myself to have at it alone.

Now don’t let your over-eager nature get the best of you.  Do take a moment to read the directions; there are specific suggestions included so that you can get the most out of the product.

The massage stone fits nicely into the hand in either direction.  It can be used with the rounded side down for a more gentle massage, or with the points down for deeper penetration.

Being the mostly vanilla girl I am, I was more than a little hesitant to use the melted wax on my skin.  I know that massage candles are designed to melt at comfortable temperatures, but feeling is believing. I didn’t trust that the wax wouldn’t burn my skin right off until I carefully poured some of the melted wax into the massage stone’s underside and dipped in my finger.  It was warm to the touch, but I was in no danger of burns as I poured the oil over my arms and legs.

The wax stayed slippery for quite some time as I ran the stone along my body.  Eventually I ran the slippery stone between my legs, and while I’m not sure that clitoral massage was the intended use of this product, it felt really nice.

The candle sports a floral scent that isn’t overwhelmingly feminine, although I’m not sure that many men would care to wear it into work. A quick wash with soap and water is all it takes to remove the scent.  If you enjoy the scent though, you’ll not have to worry about greasiness as it absorbs almost completely into the skin.

It’s really only a very small criticism, but I was disappointed to find tiny areas on the base of the massage stone that were lacking glaze.  I don’t think this would be anything other than a cosmetic issue; the spots with no glaze were undetectable during massage.

I really appreciated the fact that the set includes matches.  I can imagine the frustration that would happen if one were to take this kit on a romantic getaway only to discover too late that there was no way to light the candle.

When the candle is gone, a replacement can be purchased from Jimmyjane.com, or you could use the massage stone with another high-quality massage oil or candle.

The perfect gift for a romantic night, anniversary or honeymoon, the Contour M+Afterglow Sensory Set will give years of massage enjoyment.

Jimmyjane Contour M+Afterglow Sensory Set
Available at Jimmyjane.com
Set includes candle and ceramic massage stone (3"x3"x2.2")