Gold Spot Rosebud Plug

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 13 Aug 2008

I told the owner of Luscious Playthings that I liked my toys large, and he listened.

He listened so well that he sent along the extra-large version of their Gold Spot Rosebud Plug, and wow isn’t it huge.  Weighing in at 13.5 ounces, this plug measures 5.5″ by 2.5″, making it a possibility only for those with lots of anal experience.

Never fear; if you’re enchanted by the looks of this plug but want something more manageable, it’s also available in three smaller sizes from  The smallest is but 1.25″ in diameter, which is ideal for a novice.  There’s a choice here for everyone.

Once you’ve decided on an appropriate size you’re all set, because you won’t have to worry one bit about the other aspects of the toy.  All the Luscious Playthings toys I’ve had the pleasure of owning have been lovingly hand-created, so dimensions may vary slightly from those given.

This particular product ships with a padded storage case, which is nice, as purchasing one separately will set you back close to $20, and glass toys must be protected from chips and scratches when they are not safely ensconced in some lucky bottom.

While glass is considerably more expensive than acrylic, jelly or rubber, it has the advantage of being a life-long toy.  With proper care, this toy could be passed on to future generations, and it will never absorb icky bacteria, odors or stains. It can be shared safely amongst friends because it can be sterilized by a brief boiling.  For everyday cleaning, a wash with hot water and soap would work perfectly.

The gradual taper of the Gold Spot Rosebud Plug means that entry into the bottom will be easy.  The very thin neck insures that the toy will stay put no matter how hard the orgasm, and the flat base keeps it from slipping too far inside.  Like other plugs with round bases, the Gold Spot’s base is more than comfy for an hour or two spent in bed, but it’s not ideal for longer-term wear.  Choose something silicone for that.

Because I am quite a trooper, I lubed up and ever so slowly tried to coerce this almost one-pound chunk of glass into my ass.  It was just too much; eventually I had to admit defeat.  The  Gold Spot will have to find a home with someone who has greater experience (or relaxation capabilities) than do I.

I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of this review without having mentioned the beauty of the Gold Spot.  Pale pink elongated dots dance around the circumference of the toy (which, by the way, is approximately 8″ in the extra-large model, yikes).  They are faintly tinged with shades of purple and golden which shift as the toy is rotated.  It’s lovely.

Chose the Gold Spot for its beauty and quality construction.  Rest assured that no matter your level of anal experience, there will be a size appropriate for you.

Gold Spot Rosebud Plug
Available at
Small through Extra-Large sizes available
MSRP approximately $50-$110