Eleven from Njoy

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 17 Aug 2008

I’ve been dying to own the Njoy Eleven since I first caught a glimpse of it in a photograph some eighteen months ago.  Dying.  Literally.  Just a tiny fraction of my soul slipped away each and every day that the Eleven was not in my home.

I’ve adored all the other Njoy toys I’ve had the opportunity to try.  The Pure Wand is priceless.  The Fun Wand is fabulous.  The Pure Plugs are perfection.  I keep all my cherished Njoys in a special box where no possible harm can come to them.

Now that box has gotten 2.75# heavier due to the addition of the Eleven.  And after using the Eleven (many, many times) my soul gradually is coming back to life.

While all the other Njoys come packaged in sumptuous pink lined boxes, the Eleven arrives in something even more gorgeous.  It’s a leather clutch-like bag with hidden magnetic closures.  See?

It’s really classy, and if I were a braver woman, I might be tempted to carry the clutch (sans toy) out for a nice dinner.  Except that the leather is emblazoned with a tiny imprint of the manufacturer’s name.   Maybe some day I’ll screw up my courage and try.

I presented it to my pal one night during play-time.  After he finished testing its weight (“Damn this is heavy,” quoth he) and marveling over its surface (“So shiny!”), he added some lube and came at me with it.  Because I was slightly terrified of the larger end — it’s 2″ across — I had him start with the thinner end.  It was absolutely perfect.

See the ridges in the picture?  Wow.  So intense on the g-spot!  There was much writhing, much gushing, and oh very much screaming.  I didn’t expect such an explosive reaction from the ridges.

After enjoying excellent results with the smaller end, my friend flipped the toy over, lubed it up once again and slid it home.  I’d expected at least some degree of discomfort from this end — it’s 2″ across! — but had none at all.  The stainless steel is so very smooth that with proper preparation and lots of lube, it worked great for me.

My friend found that the groves provided an excellent hand-grip when he was using the larger end on me.  When he switched back to my preferred smaller end, things got a little slippery for him, but it wasn’t anything that a quick wipe-down with a washcloth couldn’t handle.

Stainless steel is a wonderful material for temperature play.  Dip it in warm or cool water for a thrilling extra sensation.  Even with no additional temperature variation, I found that the Eleven grew oh so hot once it had been in me for a while.  My pal took it out and the toy rolled against my leg.  It was burning up.  The idea that my body and the toy had together generated that much raw heat got me wound up all over again.

Clean up is always easy with a non-porous toy like the Eleven.  Soap and water, an anti-bacterial cleanser, boiling or a trip through the dishwasher will leave the toy ready for its next use.  Don’t use abrasives, and be sure to store the Eleven in a place where it won’t get scratched.  If the surface is roughed up, the toy’s beauty will be dimmed, but its functionality will remain intact.

To the designer of the Eleven, I say THANK YOU.  Thank you very much.  May I make you a batch of my almost famous gingerbread cookies to express my gratitude?  Or maybe a couple batches?

It’s the least I could do.

Eleven from Njoy
Available at Njoy
11" x 2"