Squeeze Plug

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 21 Aug 2008

On a hot summer night with the a/c on the blink, I could think of no better way of cooling off than with a bowl of sherbet and a chilly glass sex toy in my cunt.

While I scooped the frozen treat into a bowl, I soaked the Squeeze Plug from GlassFantasy.com in some icy water.  Dessert prepared, I trotted off to the bathroom to snuggle the toy into place.  Oooooo have you ever put a chilly toy into your body?  If not, I cannot recommend it to you highly enough.  You’ll thank me.

If your adventurers with the Squeeze Plug take place in the depths of icy winter, swap the sherbet for hot chocolate and prepare the toy under a stream of warm water.  See the versatility?

The versatility extends to where one can put the Squeeze Plug.  While it’s designed primarily for vaginal stimulation and Kegeling, it can also be used in the behind (please note that the product I tried featured a t-shaped handle, not the ball-shaped version pictured at this writing on GlassFantasy.com).

The bell-like swell at the bottom of the toy should press nicely against a man’s prostate or a woman’s g-spot, and the thin neck will ensure that it stays in place as long as you want it to.  In either case, the handle will both keep the toy from slipping all the way inside and will make the toy easy to remove.

Because glass is non-porous, only a little silicone or water based lube is required for smooth entrance.  The toy won’t absorb lube, nor will it harbor stains, odors or bacteria.  That means that one can safely share the Squeeze Plug or any other glass toy.  Just make sure to clean it thoroughly first.

Sitting in my extra-warm house became bearable with the chilly toy inserted.  Squeezing it gave me both clear feedback on my Kegeling and a lot of pleasure.  This toy would be an excellent choice for folks looking for versatility, beauty and an innovative way to save on air conditioning bills.

Squeeze Plug
Available at GlassFantasy.com