Silicone Cockrings from Jollies

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 25 Aug 2008


If you’re in the market for a cockring, you’ll find dozens to choose from made from jelly.  Keep in mind though that a jelly ring will not last very long.  Additionally, jelly is so very stretchy that it probably won’t be able to give the same pleasurable squeeze as a product made of a higher quality material.

Instead of jelly, consider a cockring made from silicone, like those created by Luze from  All her products are made from high-quality medical grade silicone, which will last for years with proper care.

Luze sent me two types of rings to try out:  the delightful Vibrating Ring and a set of Ergorings.  The Vibrating RIng and the Ergorings have the same base, a thick but stretchy ring that features an extra ridge of silicone running across the center.

The Vibrating Ring will work best for most men if worn around the shaft and testicles.  The Ring is topped with a mini-vibe controlled by a single on/off button.  This is held in place by a sheath of silicone.  The bullet can be removed from its sheath for cleaning; a little lube rubbed inside the sheath will make it even easier to slide out.

Two Ergorings are included per package.  Both are large enough to fit over the shaft and testicles of most men; however, the smaller ring would probably be more comfortable if worn only over the shaft.  These rings can be worn with the smooth or the ridged side toward the body.  Experiment to see which feels best.

There’s little hotter to me than watching a man coerce his package into a cockring.  I’m fond of giving things a head start with a little oral before the cockring is donned, then I like to sit back and observe closely as he slides his cock, then one ball at a time through the tight ring.  Occasionally I am called upon to assist in this venture.  Rrowr.  I love that.

Thick cockrings such as these will hold the testicles up and away from the body.  This achieves two pleasantly unexpected goals.  First, the entire package looks larger and more commanding.  Some men like to wear a firm yet stretchy cockring like the Ergoring in public to create more of a bulge under clothing. Dressed or naked, a man proudly sporting a cockring is a sight not to be missed.

Next, a quality cockring allows a partner easier access to that lovely area behind the balls.  You do go there, don’t you?  The perineum responds wonderfully to kisses, licks and caresses.  Since it can be trickier to get to when the balls are falling down over your nose (yeah, I’ve been there), try stimulating it when everything is caught up in a cockring.

Other than appearance and ease of access, men tend to find that a cockring both keeps them harder longer and helps them to delay orgasm.  Stretchy cockrings such as these will allow blood to be held in the penis, and will provide easy removal when the time is right.

I found the Vibrating Cockring to be espeicially stimulating.  The vibe can be positioned on top of the cock during missionary-style sex or turned 180º for doggie-style.  When it’s not being worn, the ring also makes a convenient hand hold for pressing the vibe directly to the clit.  Its snug stretchiness means that it can even be placed around a toy for extra stimulation during hand-driven or strap-on dildo play.

To clean, wash with soap and water, boil briefly or run through the dishwasher.  Remove the tiny vibe from its sheath first, of course.  Most silicone products should be used only with water-based lubes, but Jollies toys are made of such high-quality silicone that a good silicone lube will also work just fine.  Test on an inconspicuous area first just to make certain.

These premium cockrings would make a welcome addition to any well-stocked toy box.

Silicone Cockrings from Jollies
Both Items Available at
Vibrating Cockring: 1.75" diameter, $28.00
Ergorings: 1" & 1.75" set, $16.00