Bandito from Jollies

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sat 6 Sep 2008

By this point I’ve tried a good many of Jollie’s incredible silicone products. I’ve tried and loved the original Jollie Dildo, the realistic Jack, the candy-colored Bubbles.  I adore them all.

Alas, that adoration cannot extend to Bandito.

This creation is made out of the same 100% medical grade silicone used in all Jollie’s products.  It’s intended to slip over the penis and testicles of a male wearer, either so that it can be inserted into the wearer’s ass during play, or so that it can be used in the ass of a partner for double-penetration.

My male pal tried gamely to position Bandito over his package, but found the ring far too tight for his moderately-girthier-than-average equipment.  There was no way it was going on without big pain for him, so instead I tried it as a hand-held dildo for his behind.  This worked to a degree.  The type of silicone used in Bandito is on the softer end of the spectrum, so it was difficult for me to thrust into him very much.  In the end, I held it in place while giving his cock other forms of attention.

One way that Bandito might work better is if it were used with a dildo instead of a penis.  It could be slipped over the shaft (a harness-compatable dildo would work best as the base would keep it from slipping off) and used to give a double-penetration experience to a woman.  Again, you’d need to use care because of the softer feel of Bandito.  It’s really not the best for someone who likes it hard and fast.

Cleaning is easy with a silicone product.  Wash it with soap and water, an antibacterial toy cleaner, or on the top rack of a dishwasher with no detergent.  Sharing the product after cleaning is safe, as silicone won’t absorb stains, odors or bacteria.  Bandito will work best with water-based lubes, but Jollies toys are made of such high-quality silicone that a good silicone lube will also work.  Test on an inconspicuous area first just to make certain.

Bandito serves as a pretty good anal toy, but its softer nature unfortunately prevents it from being a very effective double-penetration toy.

Bandito from Jollies
Available at Jollie's Pleasure Toys
10" x 1.375"
Black and Bluesteel colors available