S-Curve Probe

reviewed by on Sun 14 Sep 2008

Not long ago my pal and I took to bed with the S-Curve Probe from AllGlassSexToys.com. He slicked it up with our favorite lube and then enthusiastically fucked me with it for a period of many minutes.

See the single ball on one end of the toy? That’s what we started with. Glass is so incredibly smooth that we probably could have dispensed with the additional lube, but there’s really no such thing as too much lube in my view of the world.

Nor are there too many orgasms, a viewpoint which I examined (repeatedly) with the S-Curve Probe. The smoothness of the glass, slipperiness of the lube and my friend’s thumb on my clit brought me off repeatedly, and that was before he even turned it around so we could experiment with the other end.

See the trio of bloops? Their gradually increasing size would make for an excellent introduction to anal play, as well as a convenient alternative to traditional anal beads. Even though we try to think outside the box (heh, that was a little joke there), we used the trio of bloops again in my pussy. Their bloopiness felt wonderful on the in- and out-strokes, while the curve allowed the toy’s handle (and my friend’s hand) to rub pleasantly against my labia with each thrust.

Some glass toys are so very slippery that hanging on to them ends up being hard work. This toy, however, was pretty easy for my friend to manage due to the bloops, which served as effective hand-holds. A dry washcloth wrapped around the toy’s end also would not be amiss.

Glass toys can be sterilized between uses, orifices or partners, so the S-Curve Probe is fabulous for anal play and sharing amongst friends. Just wash it in the dishwasher (no detergent please) or with an antibacterial cleaner and you’re good to go. Keep the S-Curve Probe somewhere well-protected and you’ll enjoy years of fun with this product.

Did you notice perhaps that the S-Curve Probe resembles one of our other favorite toys, the Njoy Fun Wand? Yeah, I did too. Which came first? I have no clue. What I can tell you is that this toy is slightly longer and thicker than the Njoy Fun Wand, while the prices are comparable. Which is better? Ah, there’s no way to compare such different materials.

The only question to decide is which one causes your breath to catch harder in your throat. If you can’t decide, just get both.

S-Curve Probe
Available at AllGlassSexToys.com
8" x 1 3/8"