Maverick Masturbation Sleeve from Babeland

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 26 Sep 2008

If I could, I’d like to watch my friend’s manhood slide into me.

Anatomy being as it is, that’s hard to do.  An alternative to watching him slide into me is watching him slide into a nice masturbation sleeve, like Maverick from Babeland.

So on a hot Saturday night, I did just that.   After getting him hard with my hands and mouth, I squirted some water-based lube into the textured blue interior of Maverick and slowly slid it down on my friend’s hard-on.

At less than 6″ long and with an opening that looks only large enough to admit a pinkie finger, some men might think their ginormous luv-swords wouldn’t fit into this toy.  However, my friend is on the outlying edges of the size bell curve, and Maverick was more than stretchy enough to accommodate both his length and his girth.

Don’t believe me?  When the toy first arrived (and just for fun, you understand), I attempted to stick my entire fist into it.  My fist fit.  If one were moved to do so, one could also stretch the toy lengthwise to nearly double its resting length.  I cannot imagine this toy not fitting any man.

During our playtime with Maverick, the sucking noises generated by the lube and the toy’s closed end were mesmerizing. My friend adored the stimulation provided by the dozens of little blue fingers, while I enjoyed the look of him penetrating Maverick.

We both agreed that the toy would work better for a longer man if the end were open.   Although there was plenty of room for his entire length, his head looked as though it was in imminent danger of bursting through the end of the sleeve.  While this was (shall we say) extremely exciting for me, if also would have been nice if I could have caught his cock head between my lips as he stroked.

It’s a toss-up.  Less suction, but the ability to apply lips?  Or less suction, but no ability to apply lips?  It’s up to you.

Because Maverick is so very stretchy, it can be turned inside out for cleaning.  Wash it up with soap and water, let it air dry, and Maverick will wait patiently for the next session.

With its non-descriptive appearance, Maverick would work well for someone who needs discretion in a sex toy.  No faux pussy lips or gaping plastic mouth here.   And Maverick sells for only $20.  You’d be hard pressed to find another quality masturbator at a lower price.   I highly recommend Maverick for solo or partnered play.

Maverick Masturbation Sleeve from Babeland
Available at Babeland
5.5" x 1.25"