Penetration Station

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 30 Sep 2008

I will tell you right off the bat that the Penetration Station from made my partner yee-haw just like a cowboy riding a wildly bucking bronco.

The Penetration Station is meant to allow folks whose beds don’t have good tie-down points to practice a bit of light bondage.  The product also will give some support and positioning help to those who need it.

Straps wrap around the mattress for stability, while four longer straps can be positioned over the top and bottom or over the sides of the bed.  Each strap clips to a Velcro-fastened wrist or ankle binding.

The positions possible with the Penetration Station are limited only by your wicked imagination.  An included dvd illustrates dozens of possibilities (and serves as an extended commercial for other products made by the same manufacturer).  It’s useful to have the visual instructions; however, the dvd shows only clothed performers (dammit!), so it comes off as pretty darn cheesy.

Also, the actors move seamlessly from position to position, adjusting the length and location of the Penetration Station’s various straps without a hitch.  They must have practiced a lot.  Or had great side-line coaching.  Because I can tell you, it’s not quite so easy to make adjustments when you’re in the heat of the moment.

My partner and I first played out a little light bondage with the Penetration Station.  It’s certainly not the most hard core bondage apparatus out there, but it’s perfectly effective for beginners or those who like bondage as an occasional game.

The Penetration Station works best as a positioning aid.  It’s possible to hold the legs open with less strain when they’re supported by the Penetration Station’s straps.  This can be a great help during oral sex or intercourse.  Folks with mobility issues or people who just like to relax into their fun will most appreciate this feature of the product.

Positioned correctly, the Penetration Station can also be grasped by the penetrating partner during doggie-style sex.  This will allow for deeper penetration without needing to dig fingers into the other partner’s hips.  I personally adore having fingers sunk deeply into the soft flesh of my hips, but I’m sure others aren’t so appreciative.  The Penetration Station makes a real difference in this aspect of sex, and it was during this particular bit of fun that my partner imitated a cowboy’s call.

I’d recommed the Penetration most for those wishing to practice a little light bondage, or those who can use some extra help in positioning during sex.  Bring some spurs and a 10-gallon hat for even more fun.

Penetration Station
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Fits all beds
Includes instructional dvd