“Ready two Go” Safer Sex Products

reviewed by on Wed 15 Oct 2008

You simply must incorporate safer sex practices into your playtime. We all know that.  But sometimes it’s difficult to transport the necessary supplies in a convenient way.

Enter Ready two Go, a company that provides hip kits perfect for keeping on hand at all times so that when that spontaneous hot encounter presents itself, you’ll be ready for action immediately.

Their kits range in size from itty-bitty ones loaded with a single condom and lube packet to slightly larger ones filled with enough supplies to last through an entire weekend of unbridled Bacchanalian glee.  The larger kits also feature personal wipes and disposal bags.  Each kit includes a small card printed with safer-sex basics and links to online resources.  Refills are available on the site, although there’s no reason why you couldn’t restock your kit from the drugstore if you so desired.

Everything comes packaged in a sturdy metal tin, and this is the real strength of the Ready two Go products.  No one wants to carry a condom stuffed into a wallet or bouncing around in a purse.  You need something sturdy, something that can handle a bumpy ride in briefcase, makeup kit or toiletry bag without danger of its contents being squished or punctured.  A tiny metal case is perfect for this application.

The cases are available with dozens upon dozens of designs.  There are super-girlie pink cases, bad-boy rocker themes, gender-neutral solids, camouflaged patterns, stars, stripes, and AIDS-awareness logos. There’s even one called “Booty Call,” with a picture of a thumbs-up, grinning telephone. You could spend an hour choosing.  There’s a case for every taste.

Because these cases are metal, you could easily stick them to the ‘fridge with a small magnet for convenient pre-date planning.  Or leave one in a purse or backpack for on-the-go fun.  Ready two Go makes it easy always to have one with you.

And the price is affordable enough to pick up a handful for your various bags or your group of friends.  Ready two Go will also produce customized lots of cases for use by sexuality educators or businesses.  Rates are available upon request and very reasonable.


Ready two Go promises to sponsor select charities with 10% of their net proceeds.

“Ready two Go” Safer Sex Products
Available at Ready two Go
Fun One, 3" x 1", $4.45
Safe Case, 3.5" x 3" $12.95
Other Sizes Available