Turntail Rosy Paddle

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 29 Oct 2008

I caught a glimpse of a paddle from Leather Thorn Paddles on a blog devoted to the art of turning pretty bottoms pink and immediately I knew that I needed one.

Not, mind you, that I wanted one. I needed one, and so with blatant paddle-lust in my heart I sent off an email to Leather Thorn’s proprietor, John. He suggested the Turntail Rosy as a good choice for a relative novice such as myself, and within the space of a few short days the implement was in my hands.

And oh-my-goodness isn’t it a pretty one.  The rich scent of leather almost brought me to my knees as I lifted the toy reverently out of its nondescript mailing package.  I turned it in my hands, admiring the heavy stitching and maker’s mark on the handle, as well as the pretty brown leather on the paddle’s business end.

But the most remarkable thing about the Turntail Rosy paddle is the leather-working on the paddle’s business end.  One side is perfectly smooth while the other features a gorgeous pattern that looks almost like fish or dragon scales.  I showed it proudly to my spanking-loving friend.  “It looks like a beaver’s tail,” she pointed out, and while I cannot lay claim to having ever seen a beaver’s tail up close, I’d have to agree.

Whatever it looks like, it’s visually stunning.  It’s also pretty stunning on the skin.  The smooth side feels thumpy and hard to me, while the decorated side feels more stingy.  A delicate hand is definitely needed for beginners, however; the heaviness of the paddle means that it can deliver quite a wallop.

Leather Thorn paddles are crafted by hand in Kentucky.  I found the prices to be more than reasonable, especially considering their high-quality craftsmanship.  John is happy to accept special requests for shapes and designs not featured on his site; these products will take extra time to ship.

And now that this review is written, I believe I have someone to spank.  Later!

Turntail Rosy Paddle
Available at Leather Thorn Paddles
13.5" x 4"