Liberator Escape

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 12 Nov 2008

Because I have little children (many, many little children), I prefer my sex-toys small and easily concealed.  If they cannot be small and easily concealed; if they are in fact large are obvious, then they should double as childish amusements.

I love the fact that the Liberator products I’ve owned thus far have fit this bill perfectly.  The Liberator Throe?  Perfect back-of-the-couch cuddle blanket.  It morphs into a delightful child’s tent.  The Esse?  It’s a mountain.  It’s an ocean wave.  It’s a fort.  Genius!

Taking its place next to these products is the Liberator Escape, which is what you’d get if the Throe and a mattress birthed a child.  This now lives in my family room; it’s been repurposed by the children into a gymnastics mat and folded into a sturdy dwelling.

Now before you get all squicked out by the idea of little children playing on this sort of thing, let me tell you one of the very best characteristics of Liberator products.  They are eminently washable.  Lots of things claim to be washable, but they come out of the wash looking pathetic.  Not this stuff.  I’ve washed the covers of my Esse and Escape numerous times and the Throe (the entire thing fits in the wash) literally dozens upon dozens of times.  Every time they come out looking better and feeling softer than before.

And you wouldn’t believe how fuzz-resistant these things are.  I have cats, and glory be!  Cat fur does not stick to the Escape.  The cats lounge upon the Escape without leaving behind their hair.  I have no idea how this can be possible, but I’m certainly not going to complain about it.

After allowing my kids to break in the Escape for a number of days (during which I was down with the flu and thinking about sleeping instead of fucking), I moved it up to my bedroom just in time for a hot date.  I considered placing it atop my bed for some extra-cushy fun, but decided instead to use it on the floor.

If I’d had my druthers, we would have hauled it outdoors for fun in the open air, but my partner outright refused even to consider this proposal.  Something about it being “November” and “too cold” and “an offense worthy of breaking up over.”  Whatevs.

I discovered one summer while doing the horizontal mambo under a tree that I am a headbanger.  This became apparent the next morning, when a tender spot bloomed on the back of my skull.  I so wish I’d had the Escape with me then, because when I coerced my beloved onto the Escape with me (in my toasty warm bedroom), when he fucked me right good, when I banged my head repeatedly on the floor, I was in no danger of concussion.  Cool.

Later he fisted me on the Escape.  The surface soaked up our lubes-n-fluids with ease while an underlying waterproof cover kept the Escape’s foam core dry.

The entire time we played and cuddled on the Escape I never had the sensation of hitting bottom.  The foam is not particularly thick (maybe two inches?) but it is incredibly firm.  This is a wonderful characteristic of this product, and it’s what makes the Escape far better for erotic adventures than any random pile of blankets or other portable mattress.

All the Escape needs for complete perfection would be an integrated carrying strap.  It folds pretty nicely into thirds but tucking it under your arm for portage is just a big old pain in the behind.  Liberator, couldn’t you sew a hook-n-loop strap to one side of the Escape?  Alas, I fear they will not listen to this small criticism, because they also sell a carrying case for the Escape.  I think a strap would be better.  Just sayin’.

At 50″x72″, the smaller size was perfect for my partner and myself.  A larger size is also available if your friends would like to join in the fun.

Use it for a picnic, for a concert, for movie night in front of the fire or for fucking.  The Escape provides a cushy waterproof surface for all your ground-based activities.

Check out this video with more suggestions on how to use your Liberator Escape, including making yourself into a “sensual dessert.”  Nom nom nom.

Liberator Escape
Available at Liberator Escape
Regular Size, 50" x 72", $89.00
King Size, 76" x 72", $99.00
Carrying Bag available for additional charge