reviewed by AlwaysArousedgirl on Wed 26 Nov 2008

Wanna bounce your way to ecstasy?  Then you must check out the brand-new Sexercise Ball from

Yeah, it looks funny.  So what?  It works!

For $169, you receive a bright purple exercise ball with a foot pump.  Included is a vibrating realistic dido (5″ around and 6″ in length) and its tiny remote controller. even throws in batteries for both the dong and the remote as well as a small tube of lubricant.

If you’re not keen on the idea of a huge (trust me, it’s huge) lifelike dong, you can select another attachment such as a buttplug or a rabbit vibe.  Each attachment screws firmly into a plastic-lined port at the top of the ball — see it in the picture above?  The company provides a non-descript purple cap to cover the opening after you remove the attachment.  This is absolutely brilliant, but I’ll tell you more about this later.

My first Sexercise ball arrived bearing a tiny nick.  Gamely I tried to fix it, but once inflated, the ball leaked out all its air in a matter of minutes.  I contacted the company. They instantly dispatched a new ball to me with their apologies.

This second ball arrived at the beginning of a long and busy week.  I inflated the new ball (no nick this time!) and tossed it to my children.  I kept all the naughty components hidden away, natch.

My kids loved playing with the ball.  They rolled it, bounced it, tumbled over it, and beat each other up with it.

This may be one of the most ingenious characteristics of the system.  Without a sexy attachment screwed into the ball’s top, there is absolutely nothing to differentiate it from your standard exercise product.  There are even a half-dozen line drawings of ways you can employ the ball for fitness purposes. “What’s this for?” my very vanilla friend asked after seeing it bouncing along the hallway with a child racing after it.

“Oh, I got that to help stretch out my back,” I told her innocently.

I absolutely love this.  I so appreciate sexual products that won’t cause anyone to blush should they happen to open your closet door.  There’s no reason at all that this ball couldn’t be cleaned off after playtime and left near the treadmill or even in the family room.

During playtime, I had a lovely experience.  My partner held the remote and watched with wide eyes as I lowered myself down onto the pulsing dong.  I bounced in front of him while he cycled the dong through several intensities and patterns of vibration.  I tried to give him a blow job, but…can I be honest?  I was coming so much that my blow job skills went to pot.

He didn’t seem to mind.  In fact he said he loved watching my face and body as I rode the dildo.  It felt great, even though I’d rate the intensity of vibrations as only moderate at best.  Also, the dong is quite large.  If you’re not used to girthy toys, you’ll want to pick something else.

While this system does come with a foot pump, you’ll have the best results with an electric air pump.  A decent one will set you back less than $20 and will be invaluable in getting to the fun part of playing with this product.

A thoroughly enjoyable product from start to finish.  I highly recommend it. System
Available through
$169 (includes remote vibrating dildo, ball, air pump and batteries)
Other attachments available. See website for details.