Zomi Case from Liberator.com

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 9 Dec 2008

Long ago I slid my lone tiny vibrator into the box of tissues which sat on my nightstand.  The toy was out of sight, and even if someone had needed to make use of the tissues, one could be pulled out without exposing my little friend.  It worked perfectly.

As time went on and my perv-osity increased, I needed more storage solutions for my constantly expanding inventory.  Right now I’m rockin’ the large storage, the tiny storage, the on-the-go storage and the static storage.  But there’s no such thing as too much toy storage.

Liberator.com’s offering to our storage needs is the Zomi case, available in twenty-three different choices of fabric.  From simple microfiber to rich leather to silk, there’s a choice available for every taste and price range.  Pretty solids might appeal to those with a feminine side, while the leathers and deeply-saturated microfiber hues would go well with any decor.  Liberator offers a Wet Zomi for the shiny-vinyl lovers amongst us, and a luxury Black Label option that comes with blindfolds and wrist cuffs.

Liberator provided me with a silk bag patterned with gorgeous black and gold lotus flowers. A thick black zipper closes the top.  Inside is a single patch pocket.  The bottom is made up of a narrow black strip of fabric, so (in theory) the Zomi can sit upright.

It’s one of the most beautiful storage pieces I’ve seen.  And it holds a lot of stuff.  In a pinch it could be stuffed with several DVDs, a few pieces of lingerie and perhaps a half-dozen smaller sex toys.  It’s so pretty that it could easily be carried as a clutch purse without attracting curious looks.

However, I wish the Zomi had just a few little tweaks.  For example, it would be a huge help if the material were just a bit stiffer so that the bag would sit up on its own.  Some interfacing, perhaps?  A divider down the middle also would be a nice touch (to keep toys from bouncing against each other), as would a small carrying handle.  Ah, I’m so picky.

Nevertheless, Zomi is a fine little storage case as it is.  Here’s my suggestion:  Fill Zomi with your favorite treasures and slip it under your pillow where everything will be within reach for your next sexy adventure.

Sure beats a tissue box, doesn’t it?

Zomi Case from Liberator.com
Available at Liberator.com
14" x 10" x 2"
Choose one of 23 different fabric options
Prices range from $30.00 to $95.00