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reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sat 10 Jan 2009

The Original Toibocks from looks just like a jewelry box.  It looks like a perfectly innocent jewelry box unless you know the secret of how to open it, which I’m not going to tell you.

I know we’d all like to have a small arsenal of sex toys set out on our nightstands so that whenever the mood struck we could dive right in without a moment’s hesitation.  That would be wonderful.

Unfortunately, real life contains things such as mothers in law and curious children, not to mention the occasional plumber or roofing contractor who must have access to the bedroom.  I don’t know about your plumber, but mine would heckle me roundly if he ever came across one of my large, veiny dildos.

So necessity dictates that we keep our sex toys out of sight when we’re not using them.  Solutions abound for those who have a place to store a storage box discreetly, but if you need to hide your toys in plain sight, the Original Toibocks is one of the best options.

My partner and I marveled over the Toibocks on the day it arrived.  I told him what its purpose was and challenged him to figure out how to open it.  He admired the pretty wooden exterior and the felt-lined bottom, complete with little rubber feet to prevent scratches.  He opened the lid and commented on how tasteful the top tray appeared, with its three smooth compartments which could be filled up with watches, rings or other adornments.

And then he attempted to lift the top tray.  Of course it wouldn’t come up, because this is the magic of the Toibocks.  The top tray will not lift up unless you know how to trip the lock.  I didn’t tell my partner how, but I certainly did enjoy watching him experiment.  He was not able to deduce the secret; even when I provided hints, he remained flummoxed.

In short, if you don’t read the included instructions, you will not be able to lift the top tray and expose the hidden compartment beneath.  You’d probably think that the tray was just stuck, which is good for those situations where someone might be tempted to fiddle with a visible locking mechanism ’til they broke it by force.

The Original Toibocks won’t provide sex toy storage for your entire collection.  It will, however, do just fine for keeping your most favored (or perhaps your most pervy) toys close by the bed for easy access when you need it the most.  If packed carefully the product will hold a couple of dvds, lube, and perhaps four or five average dildos or vibrators.

My suggestion?  Present the Original Toibocks to your lover this Valentine’s Day.  Tuck an extra-special something in the hidden compartment.  Lingerie would be nice.  So would tickets to a sporting event.  Give your lover the opening instructions and see how long it takes before the lock clicks open.

Sex Toy Storage from
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