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reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 3 Feb 2009

I so wish I’d come up with the idea of creating a line of bags incorporating condoms into the design.  Unfortunately, beat me to it — and good for them, because their product combines cute and clever perfectly.

Measuring in at two condoms tall and three condoms wide, the Little SafeSax bag works well for stashing makeup, an mp3 player and cell phone, or other wee odds and ends.  A color-coordinated zipper closes the top.  It’s available in purple, yellow and pink condoms, but don’t plan on using these prophylactics for tonight’s date because they’re permanently sealed into the bag.  You won’t want to break into this stash unless you’re truly desperate.  Or horny.  Or both.

If you need a different size bag, has you covered.  From the tiny two condom by two condom Travel bag to the huge five by five Big bag, there’s a size for every need.

If you’re not into tote bags covered with condoms — though why wouldn’t you be? — carries a few items with pockets you can fill any way you’d like.  Pictures, perhaps?  Tiny treasurers?  You decide.

I found my sweet purple Little Bag to be quite sturdy and useful.  I carried it to a play party filled with the necessities:  condoms, lube, and a tiny bullet vibe.  It was pulled from my hands and examined more times that I could count; folks thought it was smart, sexy and more than appropriate for this sort of use.  They weren’t so sure about using it in a vanilla setting, but really, you’d only notice the condoms if you had the bag in your hands.  Otherwise you’d just see bright blocks of color.

No matter what color or size you choose, keep your bag stocked with little latex (or latex-free) love gloves so you can show off your commitment to safer sex while toting around your stuff.

Little Bag from
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2 condoms tall by 3 condoms wide
$29.00 + $7.00 S&H per order (US)