Lelo Bob Butt Plug

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 15 Feb 2009

Lelo’s new line of products for men includes a cock ring (featured here) and a couple of buttplugs.  I was hoping to score the Earl buttplug, which comes in either gold or stainless steel and includes a pair of nifty cufflinks.  Unfortunately, Earl retails for nearly $600 for the stainless steel version and almost $1000 for the gold version, making it way too rich for my blood — and my bottom.

Ah, maybe some day!

In the meantime, I’m very much enjoying Bob, Earl’s much more affordable silicone cousin.  Bob comes in deep blue or wine-like red and ships in the usual gorgeous Lelo fashion:  pretty gift box, fitted inner box, storage bag, instructions and one-year warranty.  You just have to love a sex toy that comes with both instructions and a warranty.

See that cute little ring at the base of Bob?  As soon as I pulled Bob from the box that ring begged to be placed around my finger so that I could twirl Bob around in a circle.  My partner and my cats were amused. Sure, the purpose of the ring is to keep the toy from slipping all the way inside, but who says you can’t have vanilla fun with your butt toys too?

Later I slid Bob home into my bottom.  Because of his small size, Bob would be perfect for even the most nervous anal amateur.  I am not, however, an anal amateur; even so, Bob felt awesome while my partner had his way with my pussy.  He could feel some slight, gentle pressure from the plug, but it certainly wasn’t as intense as what a male partner would feel from a glass or metal buttplug.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover how well Bob stayed in place during the fucking.  Because he’s so small and lacks a thin “neck,” I really expected him to shoot out like a cap out of a pop gun when I got excited.  He didn’t budge in the least.

Cleaning Bob couldn’t be easier.  Just wash him off with hot soapy water and he’s good to go.  To sanitize the toy between partners, boil it for three minutes or run it through the dishwasher with no soap on the top rack.  Using a silicone toy in the behind is much easier than messing around with some silly jelly toy, which will absorb stains and odor and cannot be sterilized.  Seriously, stick with silicone.

As nice as a $1000 buttplug might be, I’m perfectly pleased with humble, functional Bob.  But if Lelo decides to let me have a go at Earl, I’m not going to complain.

Lelo Bob Butt Plug
Available at Lelo
5" x 1"
Available in Deep Blue or Bordeaux