Tenga Egg from ToyDemon.com

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Wed 25 Feb 2009

If I were a guy, I would keep some sort of masturbation device with me at all times.  Sure, maybe just my hand would work, but I’d want something more.  Lube would be a great start, but I think that if I had a dick (and no willing partner) I’d want to slide it into something that felt as much as possible like another person.

No one does male masturbation devices like Tenga, a Japanese company whose wares are available in the US through ToyDemon.com.  Tenga’s entire line of toys is based on the ideas of discretion and ease of use.  Many of their other products look like toiletries; they could easily masquerade behind a dude’s body wash without anyone guessing that they were a jack-off toys.

Their newest toy looks even less like an adult product.  The Tenga Egg consists of a hard plastic egg shape which conceals a masturbation sleeve and lube.  Remove the label, crack open the egg and out pops a squishy white blob.  “This is it?” my partner and I asked each other, rubbing the soft nubbin in our hands.  “What in the world are we supposed to do with this?”

After a few moments of goofing off we realized that the white blob held a small plastic tube filled with a foil packet of lube.  We tossed out the tube, then I made to ready my partner for entering the egg.  Unfortunately I readied him a little too much.  Before I knew it I was bent over the couch and the egg was forgotten, clutched in my hand.  “How’d this get on my thumb?” I asked later, once we settled down.

He had no idea, but we made use of the time by testing the stretchability of the Tenga Egg.  We found that it could very easily be turned inside out, placed over a hand, or pulled out like gooey candy.  No one needs to worry about this product fitting.  I know it looks small.  But I promise that that it will fit any man.

After once again getting my pal to a suitable state of hardness, I dripped the very thick lube into the egg and placed it over the head of his cock.  It sat there like a blob of sputum (ew) until I worked my hand over it and began stroking him.  His face bore the signs of extreme enjoyment, so I decided to ramp things up by placing my mouth over the covered head of his cock.  The material had no taste, and while I’m not sure that he could feel very much through the Egg, he did appreciate the visual.

At about the time my partner got that look in his eyes like he was about to eat me alive, I noticed that some of the Egg was begining to slough away on his dick.  Only a little came off, but it was not a pleasant sight.  Additionally, the lube ended up extremely sticky.  We found it necessary to do a thorough clean-up before moving on to other pleasures.

The Tenga Egg is really designed to be a one-use toy, but if you’re feeling thrifty there’s no reason you can’t turn it inside out, wash it with warm soapy water and let it dry before the next use.  You won’t be able to do this forever, but it should last through several uses before too much of the Egg’s interior sloughs off.  And the price is certainly good:  Toss one in your luggage before a trip away from home and for under $9 you’re set for several days of solo fun.

Tenga Egg from ToyDemon.com
Available at ToyDemon.com
$16.96 for two eggs