Igor the Octopus and Other Treats from Wicked Tickles

reviewed by on Mon 9 Mar 2009

Wicked Tickles, a UK-based retailer of sexy supplies, gifted me with a sweet little package of goodies.  I was tickled.  Wicked tickled, even.

I might have been slightly more tickled if they’d sent me a Swarovski crystal merkin and nipple pasties set, because can you just imagine how fabulous that would have been?  I would have worn my merkin and pasties everywhere!  To the grocery store!  To the PTA meeting!  On a date!  For every sex party I’d ever attend, to the point that I’d be known as That Crazy Merkin and Pasties Girl.  Alas, they did not give me this set, so I am saved from that fate.

Instead I received three beautifully gift-wrapped items way quicker than I thought possible considering that they shipped internationally.  They were nestled in a pretty box in black tissue paper, perfect for handing off to a sexy friend.

I pulled forth from the tissue paper a saucy pair of Glamorpuss Panties in pink.  Very cute, but they were not my size.  They made a nice door-prize for a very thin girl at a sex party.  She was thrilled.

Next I discovered a very large rubbery butt-plug.  I took it from its packaging and was immediately knocked back by the odor.  Wickled Tickles says the plug is made from “silicone rubber,” but I don’t know.  It looked, felt and smelled exactly like cheap jelly.  There was no way I was putting a toy that large and that stinky in my bottom.  I put it aside, unused.

Finally I found that Wicked Tickles had sent a massager in the shape of a cute orange octopus.  I loaded Igor up with batteries and pushed the perky green button on his head.  He roared into life and provided a quite nice little buzz on my naughty bits.  Later that night gave my pal a nice little rubdown with Igor and some massage oil.  Fun times were had by all.

Wicked Tickles stocks some really gorgeous products, not the least of which is the aforementioned merkin and pasty set.  I wish they had seen fit to inquire as to which of their many fabulous wares would best suit my body and temperament.  While the items they sent were nice enough, I could not use two-thirds of them to their full extent and therefore cannot adequately comment on their usefulness, durability or pleasure-giving properties.

Igor the Octopus and Other Treats from Wicked Tickles
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