OMG! Arousal Gel

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Fri 20 Mar 2009

My friends from sent me a cute little card with tiny tubes of OMG! Gel attached.  Hm, I thought.  These miniature tubes are hardly enough lube to get me started.  But I placed them gamely on my nightstand and dove into bed with my pal.

OMG! Gel promises to increase blood flow to a woman’s private bits, which should give a saucy tingle and a faster orgasm.  Is a faster orgasm a thing ardently to be desired?  Not for me, because I’m on a bit of a hair-trigger anyhow.  Someone who feels like her orgasms arrive very slowly might of course feel differently.

The gel contains ingredients which are non-hormonal, hypoallergenic and water based.  The gel is safe to use with condoms.  All ingredients are clearly listed on the website and on the product’s packaging.  Methol is responsible for OMG!’s tingle, which will feel either cooling or warming on the naughty bits, depending on how you interpret the sensation.

After playing for a while and then waking from a luxurious nap-break, I ripped open one little tube and squeezed it over my partner’s fingers.  He proceeded to rub it gently onto me.  The combination of slippery rubbing and tingling was lovely.  It took a few moments, but eventually a sensation of warmth radiated out from my clit.  It felt  pleasant but intense; if we’d had any hot dogs handy I’m pretty sure we could have roasted them over my labia.

But that’s certainly not a complaint.  While I’m unconvinced that it made me come any faster or harder (either would be difficult), OMG! Gel focused my attention on the task at hand wonderfully.

Within just a few moments after stopping, the warmth dissipated with no residue or stickiness left behind.  My partner couldn’t feel a thing by the time he entered my vagina again later.  This is a really nice attribute of the gel.  I’m always happy when things I put on my who-ha don’t need to be scrubbed off before play resumes.

I am concerned about the product’s price, which seems excessive considering the very small quantity of gel in each tube.  Other similar tingly lubes sell for about the same price and contain far more product; I’ve certainly not tried every one of them, but the ones I’ve tried have given similar results to OMG! Gel.

OMG! Gel is a fun treat for the adventuresome couple and it might add some intensity for those who want it.

OMG! Arousal Gel
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