Dai-Do #1 from Big Teaze Toys

reviewed by on Thu 28 May 2009

Big Teaze Toys, creators of the ever-so-fabulous Onye and Tuyo, recently released a new line of sleek stainless steel toys.  Take your pick from a couple bulbous varieties, a pair of ripply ones and the thermometer-shaped Dai-Do, which at this moment rests heavily next to my laptop.

I was given the larger variety, Dai-Do #1, which is available in shiny red or glossy black.  Dai-Do #2 bears the same shape but is significantly smaller.  Bah, I say to significantly smaller.  Bring on the sex toys bigger and heavier and better.  Bring ‘em on.

My partner and I placed the Dai-Do on the nightstand one chilly spring night.  “We’re going to have to warm this up before you even think about putting it in me,” I warned.  He jokingly threatened to use it on me unwarmed.  I jokingly threatened to put it in his bottom, large end first.  Suddenly he agreed with me that warming it up prior to use would be a wonderful idea.

And then we got down to work.  At some point he began going down on me, and I decided the time was right to begin warming up the Dai-Do.  Hot as it was in our bed, the toy was freezing.  In a somewhat altered state of conscious I fumbled with the heavy toy, nearly dropping it on my pal’s head in the process.  But eventually I managed to nestle it next to my warm thigh, where it remained for the next few minutes until he gently prised it from my grip and slid it into me.

Despite my efforts to warm up the Dai-Do it stayed ridiculously cold.  I’m not complaining, really.  The sensation was shocking but passed quickly.  And then the real brilliance of the toy became apparent.  That bulbous knob on the Dai-Do’s end?  It’s fabulous.

It might be hard to tell from the picture above, but the toy’s logo sits atop a rubbery sleeve which serves as a pretty good hand-grip on an otherwise super-slippery toy.  I liked this aspect of the grip, but it did limit the usability of the straight end of the toy.  No way was I going to put that part of it into me.

To my mind the label also limits the toy to vagina-only usage.  I’m sure some brave soul would have no problem using it bulbous-end first in the ass, but I’d worry that an enthusiastic thrust coupled with a passionate counter-thrust would result in a lost toy.  Which doesn’t sound terribly romantic.  At least not to me.

Limit your explorations with Dai-Do to the pussy and make sure that bad boy is the right temperature.  If you follow these simple guidelines you’ll have a blast with it.

Dai-Do #1 from Big Teaze Toys
Available at Big Teaze Toys
7 1/4" x 1 7/8"