Tenga Male Masturbators from GoodVibrations

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Mon 8 Jun 2009

Lip ServiceSqueeze Play

I wish I had a penis.  I wish I had a penis for vast multitudes of reasons, but for the moment we’ll focus on just one.  I wish I had a penis so that I could personally try out one of Tenga’s fab male masturbators available from GoodVibes.com.

Right now they carry the Lip Service and the Squeeze Play sleeves.  Both are made from recycled plastic and look at first glance like high-end shower products.  Leave either without any shame at all in the bathroom closet because they will blend right in with the shower gels, shampoos and hair care products.

Crack the label then open the lid on either of these products and you’ll find it oozing a clear, thick goo.  Don’t panic.  This is just lube, pre-soaked into a spongy styrofoam-like ring at the toy’s entrance.  This is good for the sake of convenience, especially if you’re traveling with the toy.  One less tiny bottle to pack and cary?  Awesome.  It’s not so great if you are particular about lube. I didn’t hate the feel of this lube on my guy’s penis (neither did he) but I also didn’t love it.  We’d have much preferred to add our own lube, thank you very much.

While Lip Service is a hint wider than Squeeze Play, they’re both available in two lengths, 6″ and 8″.  We requested the longer versions, and found them more than sufficient to handle the penis in question.  Both have a silvery sticker on the far end of the toy which can be opened slightly or removed altogether to vary the intensity of suction.  The Squeeze Play is also flexible enough to respond to a tightened or loosened grip. Both are lined with a variety of nubs, channels and ticklers which give constant stimulation to the penis.

My pal and I excitedly ripped into Lip Service one night.  As soon as his member grew rock-like in my hand, I knelt between his outstretched legs and applied the device to the appropriate body part.  I was surprised and delighted to feel it puff out a warm whiff of air directly into my face as his cock slid home.  This it did repeatedly as I tried not to giggle — and mostly failed.

Honestly I could have been guffawing, as my partner was so enamored of the Lip Service’s sensations that he wasn’t paying any attention to me.  “Does it feel good?” I eventually asked, and all he could manage was a vague moan.  Suffice it to say that it didn’t take long before he filled up the Tenga and collapsed back on the bed.


Tenga designed both these items to be used once then discarded.  I’m not crazy about this idea.  To my mind, $16 or $18 should buy you more than one ride on the pony, if you know what I mean.  I couldn’t bear to throw away the Lip Service after only a single use, so I attempted to disassemble it for cleaning.  I failed miserably.  However, my pal tried the same thing after using the Squeeze Play on his own and had no problem cleaning it to his satisfaction.  He said that running warm water through the toy left it perfectly clean for the next usage.  Is this a difference in toy design or cleaning standards?  We’ll never know.

Overall I love these Tenga masturbators.  They provided discreet packaging, ease of use and enormous pleasure.  Plan on using them once or else hoping for the best when it’s time to clean up.

Tenga Male Masturbators from GoodVibrations
Available at Good Vibrations
Both available in 6" size for $16.00 and 8" size for $18.00