The Tickler

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 23 Jun 2009

I suffer from the phenomena known as “fat fingers,” so I worried that The Tickler, made by and available at UnderBedToys, would not fit over my chunky digits. I’m happy to say that the concern was for naught; my pretty blue-nubbed Tickler slid quite readily over the second knuckle of my middle finger.

The Tickler is very pretty. At only 3″ long it’s compact and discreet, looking more like a fancy test tube than a sex toy. Leave it out and your friends might mistake it for an ultra-protective thimble, or a wee cloche.

Nine colorful dots line one side of the Tickler. Get these in pink, gold-fumed, red or blue. Since all’s pieces are hand-made, each will be slightly different. However, expect larger dots toward the base and smaller near the tip.

I tried my Tickler one night while perched on the couch watching porn. It felt excellent after I drizzled a little silicone lube on myself. I tried to keep the lube away from the toy’s base so that it wouldn’t slide off my finger too much. At this task I was only moderately successful, but I found that it didn’t much matter. The Tickler was useful whether it was fully on my finger or only on the tip. In fact I really enjoyed the extra reach it gave me with only the first knuckle of my finger inserted.

The piece is intended for external use only. In fact it comes with a warning note curled inside which explicitly warns against internal use, then goes on to say that if you really cannot bear to keep it out of your favorite orifice, only insert it 2″. I find this a bit befuddling, frankly. Don’t put it in, but if you do put it in don’t put it very far in? Sketchy.

Bravely I tempted fate by using the Tickler vaginally. I reasoned that even if it did slip from my finger, I could push it out like a glassy lost condom. There was no need to fear; the Tickler stayed put. However, it felt much better sliding over my clit than it did for thrusting. I’d avoid backdoor games with the Tickler. Rub it gently around the anus, but I’d be very hesitant to try this toy inside.

The Tickler would be great for someone who needs a small, discreet glass toy mostly for use on the clit. This is where the Tickler does its best work.

The Tickler
Available at UnderBedToys
3" x 1"