Tunti Illuminated Boudoir Toybox

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Sun 28 Jun 2009

When you’re in the middle of a sexy scene the last thing you want to do is fumble for the lights in order to find your favorite vibe, cockring or condom.  Tunti Enterprises has the solution:  a toy box which lights up when the lid is lifted, allowing the user a clear view of its contents.

This is an awesome idea.

The Toybox ships with a pink plastic cover which keeps items in the mesh pocket separate from those in the lower case.  A tiny box discreetly covered with purple lining hides the battery compartment — can you see it in the picture?  Beneath the thin blue vibrator?  A ribbon allows the cover to be lifted when it’s time to change the batteries.  A pair of tiny keys for the case’s locks are also included.

Two rabbit-type vibes and a couple dildos can fit in the lower portion of the case, which is divided into three main sections.  An adjustable divider lets you reapportion space in one of the sections, which is nice if you have smaller toys that shouldn’t touch each other — perhaps a pair of jelly cockrings or some potentially noisy metal toys.

The lid of the case will hold three or four smaller bottles of lube or massage lotion and condoms; also tuck in your favorite piece of erotic underthings.  Here’s where the pink plastic cover is really useful.  With the cover in place, your toys will be protected from minor lube spills.

In the image above four blue dots are visible along the case’s upper edge.  These are the lights which give useful illumination at the most necessary moments.  You’ll never have to fumble in the dark for a condom again.

I love the Tunti case best for times when I travel with my toys.  I appreciate not having to worry about the case opening unexpectedly; I also like how nondescript it looks.  Anyone seeing the Tunti would imagine that it contains important documents or possibly the tools of espionage instead of sex toys.  Not that there’s anything wrong with toting around one’s sex toys.  In fact I’d feel equally mysterious transporting dildos or spy gear.

If you have a large collection of toys the Tunti Toybox won’t hold all of them.  It will, however, give secure and convenient access to your most valued treasures.

Tunti Illuminated Boudoir Toybox
Available at Tunti Enterprises
$89.95, PayPal accepted