Madame Giggles’ Killer Bunny Flogger

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Tue 14 Jul 2009

Of all the sexy products I’ve ever owned, the Killer Bunny Flogger made by Madame Giggles has been my cats’ favorite.

From the moment I pulled it from the box they were all over it, sniffing, pawing and nomming.  I slid off the sock-like fabric cover, allowing the bunny falls to come free, and oh wow weren’t my kitties happy.  I could not turn their interest, so I placed the flogger on the floor so that they could safely explore.  The wrestled it enthusiastically until finally I had to take it away.

I find it amusing in a perverse sort of way that the kitties love something that looks so much like their own bodies.  Is it evident from the image above?  Instead of bunny fur, these floggers could be mistaken for disembodied cat tails.  This is cool and somewhat creepy all at once.

Madame Giggles set out to make a bunny flogger different from all the other bunny floggers on the market.  Those are almost exclusively capable only of sensual stroking and teasing tickling.  The Killer Bunny can do these things and much more. Working with long strips of fur, Madame Giggles hand-stitches a close-ended tube then weights each individually.  Handles are made of wood with a braided leather cover.

The heaviness of the flogger means that it can pack a really strong wallop, if you’re strong enough to wield it for long. It is without a doubt the heaviest flogger I’ve ever held and it will tire out the arm during use.  If it’s any indication, the weight of the flogger broke the slender hanging ribbon that comes looped around the handle after one short week of storage time.  It’s easily repaired, but consider yourself warned:  This is one heavy toy.  Nevertheless, it feels great on the skin.  I enjoyed it for the softest touches and the hardest hits.  I’d describe the sensation as surprisingly thuddy, with a hint of a sting if the tails catch just right.

Killer Bunnies can be ordered in single-tail or nine-tail configurations with lengths ranging from 12″ to 32″.  Madame Giggles designs these to order, so be imaginative when selecting fur color, leather color and length.

Choose Madame Giggles’ Killery Bunny if you want an absolutely unique flogger capable of strong sensation and gentle strokes for your favorite bottoms as well as hours of amusement for your feline friends.

Madame Giggles’ Killer Bunny Flogger
Available from Madame Giggles' Whack Shack
Prices range from $150 to $260 depending on length and number of tails