reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 30 Jul 2009

It was one of those insanely hot weeks where despite the constant running of the air conditioner I was never really free from sweat.  Temperatures hit the upper 90s and humidity pushed the heat index well over 100.  It was during this time that I broke out my vibrating ice dildo from Icegasm.

It had sat in my freezer for a few weeks just waiting for the right moment.  I couldn’t bear the thought of having it near my naughty bits on anything but the very hottest of days.  But when finally the time was right, I gathered the components while my partner watched on.  “What are you going to do with that?” he asked nervously as I pulled the ice tray from the freezer.

“I’m going to put it in your ass.”  I ran warm water over the tray in an effort to dislodge the slender cubes.

“You most certainly are not!” he said, at the same time working a battery into the end of the vibrating handle.  He knew I was only kidding him — I think.  Or maybe he just knew that he could overpower me if I actually tried to put ice down his pants.

I had quite a bit of trouble freeing the ice from its tray; despite my best efforts with water and gentle coercion, two of the icicles broke off in the mold.  The other two finally came free.  A protruding screw allowed the ice to be married to the handle, which is actually a modified water-resistant pocket rocket.  Once activated, the whole contraption buzzed very gently.

We retired to the bedroom and placed the Icegasm on the bedside table. I’d intended to try it out right away but my partner had other ideas.  The toy melted silently (and surprisingly slowly) for a good hour while he warmed me up.  After a particularly inspiring round of buttsex he rolled me over, pried open my legs and applied the chilly treat to my pussy.

I can honestly say that the first second of frigid buzzing was exquisite.  The contrast between hot and cold felt amazing.  I’m pretty sure I screamed a little, in the very best of ways.  But after that first second the chill became unbearable.  I had to clap my legs together in an effort to bring my poor vulva’s temperature back to tolerable levels.

So this is what we did over the next several minutes:  One-second touches preceded twenty-second periods where I couldn’t bear to be touched.  Eventually it all got to be too much.  No amount of leg-clenching warmed me up and I had to call an end to our icy little experiment, at least to the part occurring between my legs.

On the body in general I had a lot more tolerance for cold, so not all was an utter failure.  However, I didn’t see much purpose for vibrating my arm (for example). Even on my clit I barely felt the vibrations because I was so focused on not getting frostbite.

When the ice melts, you’ll find there’s not as much mess as you might expect.  A washcloth sufficed to catch drips while the toy waited for us and a towel beneath my bottom kept the bed dry during use.  If you’re really concerned about leakage, keep Icegasm in a plastic cup before use, or try it out in the shower or bath-tub.  Come to think of it, this approach might make the cold a little more tolerable.

After playtime, wash the mold and caps in warm soapy water.  Use the mold to organize the components for later use; a convenient hole in the middle stores the vibrating handle.

I’d suggest Icegasm only for folks who really enjoy and can tolerate the exquisite torture of chilly genitals.  For everyone else, a plain old ice cube will be more than sufficient.

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Includes ice mold with caps and vibrating handle