Liberator Zeppelin

reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl on Thu 1 Oct 2009

At a certain point in a sexual relationship the idea takes hold that getting busy outside the confines of a bed would be most righteously rad.

Thus begins what I like to call The Exploratory Phase, wherein partners traipse through the house fucking like sexed-up weasels on or against every available surface: kitchen counter, dining room table, banister, hassock, car fender, washing machine and ironing board. There’s only one tiny problem with this, a problem which eventually sends most of us back to bed for our sexual exploits. It is this:

The ironing board is not very comfortable.

Nor is it stable, and if there is anything worse that dull sex it is sex so dangerous that it threatens to force you into the emergency room before you’re done. What we need is some sturdy yet tantalizingly different playtime surfaces, and that is where Liberator comes in. These ingenious Atlanta-based elves have created an entire line of sexy shapes upon which to recline, prop, position and love. Without hesitation I can say that I’ve loved every Liberator product I’ve tried thus far, and the Zeppelin is no exception.

However, you’ve got to have some dedication to bring Zeppelin into your life. This product is very large and quite heavy. You will not be able to store it away once you’re done with it, unless you happen to live in a palace. Before you order, MEASURE. Make sure that you have a place in your house for a six (or seven, or eight) foot in diameter object. I found that a corner is the best home for Zeppelin, but if you have a basement game room or a media room for movie-watching, that might work too.

Next, be prepared to do some heavy lifting when Zeppelin arrives. You must assemble the product where you intend for it to live, so have help at hand to carry the several boxes in which it ships to its final resting place. Leave yourself plenty of time to assemble everything and a few days for the foam, which ships under pressure, to return back to its original size. (I wrote much more about the set-up process here: Liberator Zeppelin, I Love You Even Though I Now Have Foam in Places No One Should Ever Have Foam.)

By the way, there’s a video on the site of a naked woman assembling Zeppelin. She makes the whole process look dead simple. For me it most certainly wasn’t; however, I was not naked. Perhaps if I’d been naked it would have been easier?

After giving my Zeppelin a week or so to get its bearings, I invited a pal over to help me test it out. We cuddled; it performed admirably. We kissed; it continued to do well. We made out; the streak was not broken. He went down on me; yup, Zeppelin rocked. And then he urged me up on my hands and knees for some doggie-style fun.

Now I can’t say that Zeppelin failed at supporting us in this activity, exactly, but it did not particularly help either. My partner and I are active in the sack. We move. We like cervix-pounding headboard-shaking neighbors-calling-the-cops kind of sex, and honestly? Zeppelin did not give either of us enough purchase for that.

But an unexpectedly nice thing happened. Zeppelin ended up slowing us down from our usual meerkat-in-heat pace. Unable to slam or bang, we engaged in something far more sensual. It was lovely. And when things came to a stop we were snuggled down into Zeppelin’s cushiness so comfortably that we could have gone to sleep. Except that I still wanted him to fist me.

Speaking of fisting, keep in mind that Zeppelin’s cover zips off easily for washing. I’ve not yet washed it, but I have cleaned the covers of my other Liberator products repeatedly and they come out of the dryer in wonderful condition every time. Toss down a towel if you’d like, but do not worry about besmirching the cover of any Liberator item.

While slow, sensual sex on the Zeppelin is right nice, reading (or just staring out the window) is the bomb. If you love to read (or just stare out the window), you will love how cuddly and supportive Zeppelin is. You can quite literally put yourself into any position and Zeppelin will cradle you there comfortably. It’s awesome.

My only real complaint about Zeppelin is that mine’s not quite as full as I expected from what you see in Liberator’s photos and videos. I’ve been toying with the idea of seeing if I could order another brick of foam in order to pump it up more.

Choose Zeppelin if you want a surface for slow, sexy lovemaking or an absolutely awesome place for relaxation.

Liberator Zeppelin
Sizes range from 6'x2' to 8'x3'
Prices range from $328 to $480